Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vietnam Day 2

Hi All,

First full day in HCMC. Really great day. Met Tad Kincaid and all the teachers at Orphan Impact. Today was planning and prep day. The teachers I met today are Leong, Bang and My. They are smart, articulate young adults who have multiple college degrees and felt the need to give back to people in their communities and beyond. What an inspiration they are! So they/we will be working with mostly elementary school age kids. They are extremely poor and very isolated with only a limited knowledge of the concept of computer technology. So this weeks lessons will include, how to create a powerpoint and a basic lesson in e-mailing. All good useful stuff. More of the same tomorrow, then on Friday we go to our first on site experience teaching the kids.

At around Noon we went to a restaurant call Ngon Restaurant. Ngon translates to delicious. Wow, was that ever a truly descriptive name for a place. The restaurant is an old French Colonial looking space, with an open air courtyard. Beautiful greenery growing in and out, just dreamy. Words really cannot describe what a special experience it was. The food was beautifully prepared, open air style. The colors were vibrant, stunning presentations all around.

So this is the Orphan Impact crew: Bang, My, Leong and Tad. Really fun, interesting yummy day!
Looking forward to tomorrow.


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  1. Awesome food photos! Can't wait to see more. Glad things are going so well and that you are having a great time so far. Love you, mom!