Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy In Vietnam

Hi All,

It is 6:00 AM on Wednesday morning. Going to meet the director of Orphan Impact for coffee and then we are taking the bus to the office. Today will be planning and practicing the lesson plans for the week. My kids have been teasing me about assisting another another human on a computer. How funny will that be! To my credit, I do hold my own on the computer, still learning. I am looking forward to meeting these sweet kids.

So arrived safely yesterday, had great easy flights, no glitches. The person who was supposed to meet me to expedite the visa process was nowhere to be found, but it all worked out in the end. It is incredibly hot here. About 87 degrees and 100% humidity! You get a workout just by walking to a taxi or bus stop........Ho Chi Minh City is vibrant, bustling and growing. Lots of construction, beautiful lush greenery and lots of smiling faces. Did I mention scooters/motorcycles? Hundreds of them everywhere! I love Asia.

So, I am staying with Barbara and Ron Wilson out in the suburbs of HCMC. It is a beautiful quiet area, kind of reminds me of Laguna Niguel a little bit. They live in a condo area, all white, courtyards and really comfortable. Barbara and Ron are so sweet, they have been so welcoming to me. I am in good hands!

All for now, I will post some photos tonight.



  1. Very, very jealous! Way to go maria! xo


  2. Mommy!!! I am so excited for you. What a wonderful adventure you get to begin. I can't wait to hear more. xoxoxo