Friday, November 18, 2011

Ho Chi Minh City Pictures

Hi All,

As I mentioned in another post, I just learned the basics of this blogging program before I left home, thanks to Mara. Yeah Mara! So I lost the pictures, now here they are!

Forgot to mention in the previous post Ho Chi Minh is everywhere. He is the National Hero. Papa.


Food. Glorious food. I am a Vietnamese food believer and lover! Amazing textures, flavors and balance. What a treat!

Ho Chi Minh is adored here.
Tiles on the floor at the People's Committee Building.

So friends, I feel full and really ready to come home. I love the exotic feel of Vietnam, the food is the best and the people have been so kind and helpful to  a wandering lost American in their beautiful city.
Leave tomorrow (AM) Sunday will be back in beautiful Portland by late afternoon.

Look for a few more posts.

Love to you all.

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