Sunday, October 23, 2011

Getting Ready to Head to Vietnam

Hello All,

So I'm getting ready for my solo adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia. The genesis for this trip was a conversation over dinner this Summer with our friend Barbara Wilson. Barbara and her husband Ron have taught school all over the world for twenty years or so. Barbara was so gracious with her invitations and for her follow-up invitation, how could I say no?

I said yes, and the planning began.

I am clear that I wanted the trip to have another deeper dimension to it, not just the usual sightseeing and shopping. Although I will be doing some of that! So I asked Barbara if she knew of some organizations that might need some help with donations and hands on assistance. She connected me to Tad Kincaid and an organization called Orphan Impact. Tad's group goes mobile into orphanages all over Vietnam to teach the kids useful basic computer skills. The goal is to familiarize the kids with technology, hopefully inspire them, so that when they are back in the real world they will have the ability to thrive in a high tech world. Many of the kids have been abandoned, have HIV AIDS, or have experienced other hardships that we can only imagine. So I am very much looking forward to my time with Tad, his colleagues and being of service to these beautiful children.

Here is a link to some photos to the orphanage I will be working at:

And here is a video link to Orphan Impact -

Jillian is home from her adventure in Alaska, Sydney is now a Freshman at college and Mara is in her very busy Junior year in high school. Steve will be keeping the home fires burning and doing his share of traveling this Fall as well.

So the stage is set for catching up with old friends, meeting new friends and enjoying the exotic beautiful surroundings.

And I think its time for me to have an adventure, don't you think? 


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